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Below the Simonsberg mountains and the towering peak of the Drakenstein lies old farm Bethlehem, now known as the Banhoek Conservancy. 

The Banhoek trails are open to walkers, hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers. The mountain bike trails are largely separated from the on foot trails. There are essentially two significant sections of the Banhoek MTB trail system.


On the right hand side, following the Bethlehem Ascent, you'll find the Bethlehem Sky Traverse trail. Turning right at this point will lead you to Nick Nacks but our focus will be the Klipwerf trail which begins a few hundred meters to the left. 

The Banhoek trails are pristine, like they are immaculately swept every morning, and no more so than on the Klipwerf descent. The descent is fast and flowing and features optional jumps and perfectly hand crafted wooden berms. Coupled with the spectacular mountainous scenery, this is a must do ride. 

On the left hand side, ascending The Elevator, brings riders to Afterburn. Another immaculate trail that sweeps down the mountain with beautiful berms and jump options. Lest they be of concrete, I don't believe there are smoother trails anywhere. 

The trail system is graded blue, but this can be made more challenging or much easier depending on your speed and approach to the trails and features. 


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