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MTB Skills Coaching

Mountain biking requires the rider to manoeuvre through various degrees of undulating terrain. From gravel road to rocky single track to root covered slopes. MTB rider will likely at some point face steep terrain, rock or root rolls, berms or fence stiles.


A more experienced rider may want to take on the challenge of technical rock gardens, drop-offs and even jumps. These skills centre around the core components of balance, riding efficiency, or pedal stroke, and reading the trail ahead. 


Balance is the foundation of all mountain biking skills. It's equally important in slow technical terrain and fast sweeping corners. In fact, for any manoeuvre, optimal execution needs good balance.

It's important to properly position your weight on the bike to create the right balance needed for a particular obstacle. However, balance requires focus on, not only, total body weight positioning but also the positioning of other parts of the body including head, hips, feet and elbows. 


Riding efficiency (Pedal stroke)

Many casual riders use only half, or less, of the full circular power available on the bike's drivetrain. Even more experienced riders have not yet learned to use the full power of a 360° stroke. Of course, this is only achievable with cleated pedals, but even with flat pedals, a more efficient stroke can be achieved by using some pull on the lower segments. 

Efficient pedalling will save you energy and drive momentum, and will eventually allow you to power through larger obstacles. 


Reading the trail

"Look where you want to go" is a common adage in sport and life in general. It's relevance to mountain biking is profound. Focus too intently on the obstacle and you'll likely hit it.

Speed on a mountain bike is dependent on your ability to anticipate obstacles and changes in the trackKeep your focus ahead of you so you can spot obstacles, set direction and plan your braking points. When cornering, keep your eyes on the exit.


Intermediate and Advanced skills

Other skills that we can assist with are:

Intermediate skills

  • Cornering

  • Technical climbs

  • Wheel lift

  • Drop-offs


Advanced skills

  • Steep descents

  • Jumps

MTB Skills Development
Rider - 1
Rider - 2
Rider - 3
Rider - 4
1 hour
2 hours

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