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Hoogekraal Trail System
Durbanville's Premier MTB venue 

Starting from the local parking lot area, the Hoogekraal trail system is comprised of a number of linking trails that total around 25km of pristine track.


The linking trail system allows the rider to configure ride distance, starting from around 8.5km. One can easily configure rides on these trails in excess of 25km if longer rides are desired.

The start of the ride heads out up jeep track past a substantial and high quality MTB skills park.  Pop in if you care to warm up on some of the various degrees of drop-offs, jumps and berms.

A little further along this jeep track opens the first option to single track - the new entry into “The Gorge”. This is a black route featuring a couple of fairly significant drop-offs and a small rock garden. The Gorge itself features table-tops and a large drop-off. As such, riders should consider their skill level and riding ability before committing to this option.

Continuing on the jeep track, bypassing the new Gorge entry trail, leads to the start of the Puff Adder Climb single track. This trail eventually links up to the exit of the The Gorge trail and continues up the substantial Hoogekraal Hill. On hot summer days this hill feels a little brutal at times.

At the top, weather permitting, you’ll be presented with a spectacular view of Table Mountain in all its glory. You’ll also get your first proper glimpse of the new Hoogies Hammer flow trail, as it meanders for 1.6km down the hill on the adjacent side. 

Here you’ll also find the first descent option, namely The Cobra. It is graded black but there are safe options for every obstacle making it an optional blue line as well.

Once at the bottom of The Cobra, riders need to then ascend once again to the top of the hill to reach the start of the Welvergenoegd Loop and the First Down descent.

This trail features a long descent of fast flowing berms that will carry you all the way to the edge of the Diep River in the valley below. Once there, you’ll make your way back. En route there is a shortcut option that bypasses part of the Welvergenoegd and Fair Cape loops.

The climb out of this valley is long and arduous and, with The Cobra and First Down in the bag, this is a considered option.

Choosing the “long route”, and bypassing the Fair Cape Loop extension*, riders will be presented with another fairly serious climb before reaching the very popular Patricks Plunge. This trail is immense fun and features a number of small jumps, drop-offs and berms. The jumps and drop-offs all have B-line options should you wish to bypass them.

The trail then links up at the “short cut” option point, making its way back up the hill to the main loop again. 

After a significant grind, at the top of the hill, there are two descent options; Snake, Rattle and Roll, and the all new and already famous Hoogies Hammer flow trail.  Hoogies Hammer features big table tops and berms. Riders will need to watch their speed, particularly if you do not intend to jump these features. It’s super fast and it flows all the way to the exit and the car park.

* The Fair Cape Loop is an optional extension offering distance with very few features. 

Hoogekraal Descent Options

First descent option:

  • Drop into The Gorge - Grade Black

  • The Gorge - Grade Black (B-line options available)

Second descent option:

  • The Cobra - Grade Black (B-line options available)


Third descent option:

  • First Down - Welvergenoegd Loop - Grade Blue

Forth descent option:

  • Patricks Plunge - Grade Blue


Fifth descent option:

  • Snake, Rattle and Roll - Grade Blue

  • Hoogies Hammer - Grade variable based on speed

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