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If you're looking for serious MTB action, then MTO Jonkershoek is the place to be. Situated in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, just outside of Stellenbosch, the area boasts an extensive trail system that is hard to beat in South Africa. 

Jonkershoek has a vast number of excellent trails, but our focus will be on the Armageddon and Red Phoenix trails. 

Trail Option 1: Armageddon

The 6.7km Armageddon descent trail consists of eight sections, starting at the top on Armageddon 8, making it's way down to Armageddon 1 at the base of the mountain. To get there, riders need to tackle the mighty Irish ascent trail, equally divided into eight sections. Of course, not all sections need to be completed  and one can find access to the lower descent trails if so desired. 

This trail is best suited for proficient riders with intermediate to advanced skills. All the Armageddon sections are graded blue but for Armageddon 5 which is graded black. However, there are no must do black features so taking it easy will get you through. 

Trail option 2: Red Phoenix


To get to the start of Red Phoenix, a blue graded route, riders have to commit to get another substantial climb. Red Phoenix is divided into three sections starting with Red Phoenix 3 and ending with Red Phoenix 1. The trail swoops and undulates down into the valley below and features some fast sections across steep slopes. There are a number of obstacles on the trail but nothing too intense if ridden with care and at a moderate pace. 

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