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The Missing Link
The Most Spectacular Views

Nestled between Table Mountain’s iconic 12 Apostles and the Atlantic sea lies The Missing Link trail system. The views on this trail are breath taking. 

The Missing Link is a relatively new trail system recently opened to mountain bike riders. Take note, the trail is shared with walkers and runners so please be courteous and kind. 

For those on foot the trail is an easy walk or run but, for mountain bikers, it’s a little more challenging as one navigates through some of the rockier sections. 

The trail starts at the end of Theresa Avenue in Bakoven and traverses the mountain below the 12 Apostles towards Llandudno.


There are a couple of tricky pedalling sections on the way out, within the first 3.5km, that require one to put the power down and pedal through. 

At 1.5km from the start you’ll find the trail splits with the Lobotomy descent branching off to the right. Obviously descending at this point will result in a very short ride so it’s best to keep going to enjoy the full experience the trail has to offer. 

At the 4km mark you’ll find the fork to the Upper to Lower Link Switchbacks. This is another descent option. However, the trail continues for just over another kilometre. 

At around the 5.2km point, at a large granite rock, the trail out essentially comes to an end. It then runs down into the Lower Missing Link Extension. This lower trail eventually meets up with the exit of the Upper to Lower Link Switchbacks and then merges into the Lobotomy trail later on. 

As such, if you’re looking for a bit more climbing on this ride, you can ascend the Upper to Lower Link Switchbacks, rejoin the upper trail and then make your way back to the start of Lobotomy

Descent Option from the Main Jeep Track

First descent option:

  • Lobotomy


Second descent option

  • Upper to Lower Link Switchbacks

Third and final descent option

  • Lower Missing Link Extension

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