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Tokai Park MTB Trail System
This is Cape Town's Premier MTB venue 

Our local and much loved trails are Tokai Park, located on the slopes of  Constantiaberg  Mountain.  The park area is part of the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) World Heritage Site.

About the Park

Until quite recently, the area was heavily forested primarily by invasive Gum (Eucalyptus), Wattle (Acacia) and Pine. Today, most of these trees have been cut down to make way for the extremely threatened indigenous flora; the nicely recovering Cape Peninsula fynbos and Afromontane Forest.

General Trail Info

Tokai MTB trails had their beginning in the 1990’s and have come a very long way thanks to the many supporters of the trail program - most notably - the non-profit TokaiMTB who construct, manage and maintain the trail network. Tokai Park has something for everyone - from gentle Cross Country (XC) riding to challenging Downhill (DH) descents and everything in-between. The mountain has routes for all disciplines of riders including gravel, XC, trail, enduro and DH.

Bike requirement

Of course, rider skill will dictate which trails are selected for your safe enjoyment, but in terms of bike requirement, all the trails can be ridden with a modern Trail bike, with one or two exceptions - the DH0 trail and the AM Trail which ideally require an All Mountain (Enduro) bike.


A TMNP level 3 activity permit is required to ride Tokai Park MTB Trails. Day passes can be purchased at the picnic site/parking area.
The riding typically starts from the Forest Glade Shopping Centre or from the Tokai Forest Picnic Area.

What to expect

Typical distances range from between 10km - 12km. These can easily be extended to 15km, 20km and 30km+ options. 

The ascent into the Tokai MTB trail network is on jeep track, from the initial Main Jeep Track, all the up to Level 5 Jeep Track. The first single track option is the green graded Faerie Garden, which serves as a more exciting ascent alternative to the Main Jeep Track. It then rejoins the Main Jeep Track further up the mountain.

Near the end of the Main Jeep Track we’ll find the first split to the Level 2 Jeep Track. This will take you to the start of the blue graded Vasbyt trail as well as the start of the black graded DH3 line trail. These two trails are great options if you're looking for a short ride. Continuing along Level 2 will lead us to Level 3 (North), past two sections of the Snake Trail descent - firstly Snake Eyes and then Boomslang further up. The trail then eventually joins the Level 3 (South) trail which we will now discuss. 

Bypassing the Level 2 Jeep Track turn-off at the split on the Main Jeep Track will take you up to the Level 3 (South). On this section we will find the start of the green graded Lizard descent. We will then pass through the DH1 and DH2 linkage section where we need to be on the look out for descending riders. Shortly thereafter we will pass the exit of the AM Trail, again being vigilant for riders coming down this trail. Thereafter we will continue up to the intersection joining the Level 3 (North) ascent route.
At this point we can continue up the Level 4, where we will be presented with a rest option. Or we can enter the blue graded Boulders trail. This trail can be beautiful or it can be brutal, depending on your fitness level and your skill level. If at this point you are still feeling strong, it is recommended as it winds though beautiful flora. If time permits we can always take it slow which will make it an easier option.
This trail is by-directional with riders going both up and down. It also passes through the DH1 line so we need to be on the look out for other riders and be considerate. 

Proceeding up Level 3 to Level 4 we are presented with a bench and a chance to catch a breath if needed. The view from this point is spectacular and well worth taking time out to enjoy it. When you’re ready to continue we will choose between starting our descent or continuing up to Level 5.

Descent Option from the Main Jeep Track

First descent options:

  • My Roots Down - Grade Blue

  • DH4 - Grade Black


Descent options from Level 2:

  • Vasbyt - Grade Blue (with green alternatives)

  • DH3 - Grade Black


Descent options from Level 3 (South):

  • Lizard - Grade Green

  • DH2 - Grade Black

Descent options from Level 3 (North):

  • Snake Eyes - Grade Blue - 4th Snake Trail section

  • Boomslang - Grade Blue - 3rd Snake Trail section


Descent options from Level 4:

  • Mamba - Grade Blue - 2nd Snake Trail section

  • DH1 - Grade Black

  • Boulders - Grade Blue


Descent options from Level 5:

  • Cobra - Grade Black - 1st Snake Trail section

  • DH0 - Grade Double black

  • Broken Road - Grade Blue

Longer rides are available including:

  • Donkey Trail - 26km

  • Silvermine Loop (Noordhoek Peak) - 30km

  • The Mast - 26km (big climb)

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